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Flyer for the ArtsCenter Percussive Dance Review (1/22/2011)

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30th Reunion, Saturday night.

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Slide in the 80's
Last night we had a great gathering of people for the 30th Reunion square dance and jam, out at the new Murphy School venue in Orange County.

As is typical at a reunion, we got as many people as possible to dance the signature dance, Cane Creek. At some point I counted 14 couples, but all that can be said for certain is that:
  • the little stomp and big stomp line larger than the length of the hall.
  • Little/Big stomps have changed a little in the last 30 years!
  • I've never seen a rip and snort fold back on itself so that it resembled more a clover leaf and the head could not be discerned from the tail.

Daryl took a video f one dance and posted it online for all to see. Somewhere there is a video of the Cane Creek dance as well. We'll get that up when we can! In the meantime, enjoy this little bit!

It was wonderful to see all the faces of Cane Creek members, familiar bands, and friends of friends.

See you all again, down the way.

30th Reunion, Friday night recap

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Last night we had a wonderful gathering of former Cane Creek Cloggers and, of course, the current ones out at the Cane Creek Community Center on Orange Grove Road in Orange County.

Erika made a wonderful timeline for members to plunk down shoes representing their stints on and off the team (photo to come!), along with a slideshow from performances over the years.

Harvest Moon at the 30th Reunion
We migrated out into the yard early on to supper and view the pretty pretty Harvest Moon.

Did you know that (probably) we're a Tuesday night group b/c of the Tuesday night square dance in Carrboro in the 80s?!

Today some of us are meeting (in 15 minutes!) for brunch, and then we'll be out at the Murphy School for a potluck and square dance. Come on out (YES you can register at the door)!

I just finished installing Movable Type 4!

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