Photo by Laura Shmania

In 1980 a group of neighbors from the Cane Creek district in Orange County, North Carolina, got together to share their interest in traditional dance. Now the Cane Creek Cloggers are a performing dance troupe that specializes in Appalachian clog dancing. The Cane Creek Cloggers perform at festivals, conventions, street fairs, and schools throughout North Carolina and the East.

We are a non-profit organization that strives to promote an understanding of, and respect for, the diverse cultural heritage of the American South, and to teach and share the enjoyment of clogging. The Cane Creek Cloggers come from this rich dance tradition. We choreograph all our own routines, though our innovations are within the realm of old-time steps and figures. We share the goal of preserving the heritage of old-time clogging, flatfoot and buckdancing, while exuding the joyful energy that is at the root of it all.

We have from nine to fourteen members all of whom share in the leadership of our group. We wear black shoes with flat jazz-style taps. The men wear double-pleated pants with band collar shirts and suspenders. The women wear traditional below-knee length fitted dresses and petticoats with an old-timey flavor. We have had regular appearances at festivals in the Southeast, New England, as well as award-winning performances at the North Carolina State Fair.