The Cane Creek Cloggers -- group shot
Photo by Brendan Mayer

(l-r) Diana Montgomery, Ruth Pershing, Cheri Junk, Daryl Junk, Dane Summers, Bill Barnett, Aaron Ratcliffe, Forrest Oliphant, Jim Kirkpatrick, Megan Ratcliffe,Katy Shoemaker, Ivy Goodman, Jean Healy, Micki McCarthy, Caroline Irick

(not pictured) Cesanne Berry, Geoff Berry, Forest Doyle, Tampa Enoch-Reese, Wendy Greene, Elyse Keefe, Ashley Lewis, Erika Littman, Ashley Odom, Ken O'Harra, Shelley Rogers, Kevin Wilcox


Bill Barnett

Bill Barnett has been dancing with the Cane Creek Cloggers since January, 2006. He has thoroughly enjoyed dancing with and learning from the more experienced team members. When not clogging, Bill is a software engineer for Microsoft, a father of three grown children, enjoys music and movies of many varieties, and is a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers.


Cesanne Berry

Percussive dance is a totally new dance experience for Cesanne, who enjoys the challenge of perfecting the sounds and the rhythm in her feet! Cesanne had a best friend who learned to clog while a graduate student at UNC and it looked like so much fun that she vowed to learn how one day. Well, three decades later she finally did! Being part of a performing group that spans the generations from twenty somethings to sixty somethings is quite the treat! An early childhood administrator and teacher, Cesanne will sometimes be found clogging during a mid-morning break - - a practice that bridges these two worlds in interesting ways. Life is good when you're dancing....especially to old-time, traditional music!


Daryl Junk

Daryl has the distinction of being the oldest member on the team. He had never clogged before joining the team after seeing them perform in September 2005. It looked like so much fun that he joined in the start of 2006. There were no cloggers in the cornfields around the town in Illinois where he grew up, and he was much too shy to even think of dancing in public. He always had an interest in music and eventually dabbled in Scottish folk dancing and contra dancing a few years before getting turned on to clogging. A former cartoonist for his college newspaper, he leads a quiet life disguised as a computer programmer, but enjoys lettering wedding certificates and doing other calligraphy projects when he can. His previous claim to fame consists of having traveled around Europe for a month giving concerts with the School Band of America the summer he graduated from high school.


Dane Summers

An on again off again member of Cane Creek since 2003, Dane is quite taken with dance steps of all kinds. He can thank the Old Farmer's Ball at Warren Wilson College for breaking his early shy fear of dance back in 1995. He aspires to continue to dance, to learn to play music as long as he has limbs to do so.


Diana Montgomery

Diana Montgomery has been dancing with the Cane Creek Cloggers since 1980 when the team first began. Her love for traditional dance grew after joining a community square dancing group in high school. Diana's introduction to clogging came later via her sister, Linda (a former Cane Creek Clogger) who taught Diana "the basic" on top of a picnic table in an Eastern NC campground. Diana lives, loves and laughs with her husband (and favorite fiddler) Rob on the banks of the Eno River. Favorite hobbies are biking (especially with her son, Nick), kayaking, and gardening. Diana's profession is in the field of education. Formerly a high school biology teacher, Diana now works with a national, non-profit center focused on teacher leadership, research and policy.

Elyse Keefe

Elyse joined the Cane Creek Cloggers in 2012, having never clogged before, but always enjoying Appalachian music and dance in and around her hometown of Weaverville, NC.  Her love for clogging came in a roundabout way while she was living in northwestern Spain and had started up Galician folk dancing. She decided upon her return to North Carolina to learn the traditional dance she had always admired from afar. Elyse is currently a full-time master's student at UNC, but also enjoys biking, traveling, learning languages, live music and dance of all types, and (of course!) clogging in her free time.

Forrest Oliphant

Forrest is the most recent guy on the team, having joined the team in March of 2006. He has been contra dancing since before he was born, and grew up around oldtime music where his folks met at the Folk School in Brasstown, NC. He still contradances at least once a week, and has recently thrown himself into the local Argentine Tango and Swing scenes. He also clogged with the Apple Chill Cloggers in Italy in the summer of 2006.


Jean Healy

As one of the founding members of the Cane Creek Cloggers in 1980, Jean Healy has been involved in much of the choreography. She also met her husband when he joined the group later in 1980. He professes to be "unclogged" and is no longer a member of the team. Jean first saw clogging on a family vacation at Fontana Village when she was around 13 years old. She was a math teacher at Orange High School in Hillsborough, NC for 27.5 years and retired in January, 2008. She hopes that, in retirement, she will be able to spend more time with her 2 daughters and 3 granddaughters. Aside from her love of dancing and teaching, she has many other interests: camping, scuba diving, and traveling are just a few of them.


Jim Kirkpatrick

Jim has been a member of the cloggers for over 20 years. He started his adult dance career with English and Scottish dancing, then contra dancing and has dabbled in swing,tango, Ziedeco, and Cajun. He first learned to clog at the old train staition in Carrboro back in the early 1980's. Several years later he decided to try out for the Cloggers and has been doing it ever since. He and his wife, Ruth, have 3 sons who all like to dance, especially percussive dance. The rest of the time he builds custom furniture and cabinets in his shop near Chapel Hill.


Katy Shoemaker

Katy has always enjoyed dancing and honed her skiils during the Saturday Night Fever Days! But she had never really danced 'til she discovered the mountain music around Appalachian State University! During those college days, she also spent time in the wild west town of Love Valley, NC, riding the mechanical bull and dancin' honky-tonk style at the Silver Spur Saloon. (This proved to be great preparation for her career as a Kindergarten teacher at Triangle Day School where she taught for 16 years.)Katy began to look outside of her passion for teaching for other ways to grow and learn when her son left for UNCCH and she joined the Cane Creek Cloggers in 2003. Four years later the son has graduated and Katy's retired from teaching, but she continues to dance! When not dancing, Katy, and the love-of-her-life, Charles, spend time trying to get their sailboat to go faster!!


Ruth Pershing

Ruth has long been active in traditional music and dance circles, performing with Cane Creek since 1985, and with the Mountain Laurel Cloggers in Connecticut before that. She also regularly calling contras, squares and community dances, and helps organize the family dance series in Chapel Hill. She has taught clogging and led dances at Berea (KY), Brasstown (NC), Ashokan (NY) Pinewoods (MA), Wannadance (WA), Mendocino (CA), Merlefest (NC), Moosejaw (MN), and Hindman (KY). She studied buck dance with bluesman John Dee Holeman of Durham (NC), and worked with Mike Seeger to co-produce Talking Feet, a video-documentary on southern step dance. She has also worked with traditional music and dance in event production, archiving, and radio, having hosted Back Porch Music on WUNC-FM for a few years. The other hats she wears are as a middle school math and science teacher and as mom to her own three tap-dancing, fiddle-playing children in Chapel Hill, NC.


Shelley Rogers

Shelley's interest in dance began when a high school friend kindly informed her that she had no rhythm. Since then, Shelley has experimented with many different kinds of dance before getting hooked on the rhythms and spirit of Appalachia. Shelley spent much of her childhood in the mountains of North Carolina and was particularly fond of her grandmother's stories of growing up in Ashe County. Shelley joined Cane Creek in 2009 and, while not a performer by nature, she loves dancing with and learning from her fellow cloggers. When not dancing, chasing chickens, tending a garden or bees, Shelley is working on her Master's in entomology and dreaming of her future sorghum/apple/berry/goat/and-everything-else farm where she hopes to rear locally-adapted honey bees.