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Cane Creek Cloggers by Chris Allen

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The Cane Creek Cloggers -- group shot
Photo by Brendan Mayer

We look forward to joining you at your next event.

  • Traditional Precision Clogging
  • Workshops, lessons and interactive dancing
  • Live old-time music with every performance

We are...


The Cane Creek Cloggers come from a rich dance tradition. We choreograph all our own routines within the realm of traditional old-time steps and figures. We provide some of the best old-time music in the Southeast with every performance. Together we exude the joyful energy and infectious rhythms at the root of old-time clogging, flatfooting and buckdancing.


The Cane Creek Cloggers are a non-profit organization that promotes understanding and respect for the diverse cultural heritage of the American South by teaching and sharing the enjoyment of clogging. We preserve old-time music and dance by providing our skills in workshops, lessons and interactive dances for groups of all ages.


In 1980, a group of neighbors started a team grounded in the dance community and we've been growing in community ever since. At any performance, workshop or event, we invite you to share in the enjoyment of dancing with us: our goal is to make sure everyone is having a great time. We are all cloggers!